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     Unlike most municipal police departments, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office is responsible not only for law enforcement within the county but also the Jail, Juvenile Detention Center, and Court Security.

     Court security helps maintain peace in a courthouse and courtroom. Court security officers are responsible for all security aspects of a courthouse, including ensuring that the judges and judicial staff, court employees and general public visiting the courthouse are safe. They are, essentially, deputies who protect the people in a court.

     In court, these officers may perform tasks such as handing papers to the judge, ejecting people from the courtroom and helping witnesses leave the stand. They are also in charge of watching over a jury, which could include transporting the jury to and from eating establishments while they are on duty as well as watching over the hotel where a jury stays overnight during a trial. They also ensure that no weapons are brought into the courthouse and that the public complies with building safety rules. Other job duties include watching doorways, managing metal detectors and roaming a courthouse’s hallways to check for suspicious activity. At the Putnam County Justice Center, court security officers are also responsible for working with correctional officers to transfer inmates safely from the jail to the courtroom.

Court Officers

Roy Cravens
Mark Dial

Bob Errick
Jim Goolsby

Tim Gothard
Bruce Lamb

Steve Mackie
Ben Prichard

Kendall Riley
Pat Stickler

Raymond Tallent
Luke Ward

Mark Webb

Eric Hall
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