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     I have been blessed to have a long and extraordinary career in my chosen field, law enforcement. I was trained by the F.B.I., the US Justice Department, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the Tennessee Highway Patrol, and the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department. I have over 25 years of continual law enforcement experience in the state of Tennessee as well as other states. I have worked cooperatively with numerous sheriffs’ departments across Tennessee and other states. From each one of them I have gained perspective and understanding. In the law enforcement community, I am recognized as a highly trained, highly skilled, highly competent, widely experienced and deeply committed law enforcement leader.

     With the support of my family, friends, and neighbors; I was proudly sworn in as Putnam County Sheriff in August 2014. As I promised during my campaign, I will use all of my extensive law enforcement training and experience to serve the citizens of Putnam County. My entire career has been dedicated to helping people and promoting a strong criminal justice system to maintain safer streets, schools, neighborhoods and communities in the great state of Tennessee but especially right here in Putnam County. Putnam County is my life-long home. Having been born and raised here and having lived here all of my life, you could rightfully call me a native son. My roots are here. I intend to spend the remainder of my life here. I truly care about the welfare of our county.

     My whole life has been devoted to law enforcement. Because of the special training and wide variety of law enforcement experiences I have had for the past twenty-five years, I believe that I can make a real difference as the Sheriff of Putnam County. I am a graduate of the F.B.I. Academy; I was trained by the US Justice Department, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the Tennessee Highway Patrol and the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department and I have a degree in Criminal Justice. My many years as a Special Agent for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation apprehending, arresting, and helping to convict criminals of all kinds throughout the state have prepared me well to be your sheriff.

     Throughout my entire professional career, I have maintained the highest level of exemplary conduct required and expected in law enforcement. It is important for every county sheriff to provide a clear mission to all employees of the department and to continually promote the highest expectations for appropriate and professional conduct. Courage, compassion, teamwork, trustworthiness, professionalism, and community service are fundamental values that are the basis of any responsible and effective law enforcement department. As Putnam County Sheriff, I am expected to provide the citizens of the county with the most effective, efficient, and professional law enforcement protection that every citizen deserves and should expect. Therefore, I will make every effort to ensure that under my leadership, all employees of the sheriff’s department will receive the quality training necessary to provide the best service to the citizens of Putnam County. A sheriff’s job is not to write new laws or burden the taxpayers with undue taxes, but rather to enforce compliance to the statutes enacted by our lawmakers. I fully understand the importance of building a partnership with the community in order to accomplish our responsibilities and goals. By promoting community values and professional conduct, the employees of the department and I will work cooperatively and diligently to earn your trust and confidence in the Sheriff’s Office.

     The Sheriff’s team has been working tirelessly since winning the election to advance the Sheriff’s electoral platform, which includes:
  • Accreditation
  • Staff Training
  • Jail Operation
  • Community Programs

     Like all law enforcement agencies in Tennessee, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office is required to commit and provide to the citizens a law enforcement agency that provides the highest quality of professional services to its community. To receive accreditation, the Sheriff’s office must meet certain nationally recognized standards.
Staff Training & Development
     The training of deputies will focus on the most innovative and effective ways to fight crimes, conduct investigations, and to exemplify professionalism at all times.
Efficient Jail Operation
     The operation, maintenance, and continued certification of our jail – a direct supervision jail – is a challenging task. With strong oversight, new leadership, and properly trained personnel, the citizens of Putnam County can be assured that the jail with be properly operated and maintained, and become a cleaner and safer environment for all detainees.
Community Programs
     Sheriff Farris has initiated a Citizens Strategic Advisory Council which is made up of community representatives who will advise the Sheriff’s Executive Team on an array of topics. He also announced that the following programs will be implemented or improved upon:
  • Reserve Officers
  • Citizens' Academy
  • Chaplains (Assistance with Victims)

My vision for our office is very simple. It has two major parts:
  • To provide exemplary law enforcement protection for the citizens of Putnam County.
  • To conduct our affairs in such a way that will grow respect and trust among the citizens of Putnam County.

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